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Fostering cryptocurrency adoption is no easy feat. Over the last 11 years, an estimated 1% of the world population has had exposure to crypto through ownership of crypto wallets or direct involvement in the industry. Much of the activity in the space has been limited to developers pushing the boundaries of cryptography within various use cases. However, at we believe that the primary use case that has the biggest potential for growth in the immediate term is the technology’s ability to replace money.

Slowly but surely…

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This first decade of cryptocurrency can be described as it’s formative years where a user is expected to have a great degree of understanding of how the technology works. Imagine the Internet in the 1980’s and you’ll be able to surmise where we are currently in terms of ease of use. However, unlike the 80’s development is occurring at a much faster rate while the user interface has improved by leaps and bounds. – abstracting away the technical details

Enter which is a centralized provider of digital wallet and other investment facilities. We recently took their service for run within small test amount of Bitcoin and Tether and came away pleasantly surprised. The interface is neat on our Android device and the response is as rapid as any other non-blockchain related applications. This is not to say that’s android application fits the bill of a decentralized application as the data is still pulled from a centralized server. However, it is very quick in showing the account balances and transitioning between screens.

Why it is great for beginners?

If you are introducing anyone to cryptocurrencies then might be the perfect tool to have in your arsenal. Yes, the sign-up process is very intuitive although one has to go through the hassle of Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures just as they likely would with any traditional financial services. Within minutes, your account is up and you can start depositing funds either through your preferred bank account, credit card or even sending crypto to the wallet. We have a guide that describes how crypto transfer could be done here. Plus, when you help a friend get their first wallet there’s a USD 50 bonus that you will receive in MCO token (which is’s own cryptocurrency).

Maximum returns can be as high as 18% per annum especially with the CRO token. However, most users will be able to earn up to 12% per annum with their stablecoins.

Feature rich offerings

While you are immersed with the steep learning curve that comes with cryptocurrencies, offers a delightful experience to grow your crypto balances with their Earn program which is integrated with the wallet. It’s possible to earn up to 12% per annum on a number of stablecoins provided that you stake a minimum of 500 MCO tokens. Our our own initial test, we were earning up to 8% per annum interest with a 1 month term on out Tether while our Bitcoin was generating 2% per annum with same setup. All this achieved with a minimum stake of 50 MCO token which isn’t much. Given the simplicity with how all this can be done on the app, it is no wonder that the MCO token appears to be in high demand with prices rising over time. One more thing, the interest that you earn is in the same cryptocurrency as the one that your deposit into the Earn account. Certainly, very rewarding to earn Bitcoins by just locking up your Bitcoin for a period of time.

Other excellent feature set that you will find in the app includes:

  • Crypto wallet – ability to store multiple cryptocurrencies
  • Earn – earn interest up to 12% per annum in the crypto of your choice
  • Buy and sell – Exchange your crypto for more than 45 other cryptocurrencies
  • Invest – invest in a portfolio of crypto depending on your risk appetite and investment profile
  • Credit – lending of crypto. Yes, if you spot any trade opportunites and want to capitalize on it then this will be a perfect choice. Not for the beginner of course.
  • Track – setup your own price tracking list
  • Get a credit card – powered by your crypto and fiat accounts!

So, it is pretty robust in what you can achieve with Prepare to earn USD 50 in MCO tokens as you complete the sign-up process. Awesome isn’t it?


Over time you will develop an understanding that cryptocurrencies were primarily developed to minimize trust between parties and therefore eliminate reliance on third-party. Centralized service providers such as may be an anti-thesis to the movement, although we have received notification that even will be migrating it’s user base to a non-custodial wallet where you are in control of your private keys.

Our verdict…

For now, the service achieves all that it promises and provides an excellent gateway into the world of cryptocurrency. The interest rates are much higher that what you will be able to get at a bank or other traditional financial institution. So, why not give it a try.

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