What is a blockchain?

A physical representation of blockchain to aid reader visualization. Actual blockchain does not in any way appear this way.

There are three important emerging digital technologies that is bound to disrupt many industries that are in existence today. These digital trinity holds so much promise, yet we have not really experienced their impact. Most of the projects involving these three technologies are still in its infancy. What are these three technologies? It is Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and yes, you guessed it right: Blockchain technology.

So, what is Blockchain technology? Well, it is simply a method of creating digital records of virtually anything in the physical world with each subsequent record connected to the earlier ones through a sequence of digital signatures. These digital signatures are cryptographically programmed to link all the records in a string of chain that propagates forward as new records are added.

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With an early exposure to computers and the Internet, Nathan has always had a keen interest in technology. His educational background is in the medical field but that does not stop him from dabbling with computers. Upon learning about blockchain and its potential role for humanity, Nathan got deeply involved into this field as both an investor and as an advocate.

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